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Wine Barrel Crafts

Bespoke wine barrels are crafted in Gorey. Having a passion for woodwork and artistry working with oak has turned to pure joy. Check out these unique crafts available only at The Hidden Brook

Each Barrel Has A Story

The wine barrel begins in the cooperage and live its life at the Winery. At the winery the barrel is filled and stained permanently the wine inside.

Each piece of furniture starts its life as one barrel , this ensures the barrel history is preserved . This also ensures the consistency of the stain on each stave.

Our Careful Process

The barrel is chosen and some are taken apart. The staves are sorted , the sanded, shaped and then polished.

They are then varnished to protect the precious oak and blocks any trace of wine odour. Our platters are treated with oil so can be used for food purposes.

Uniquely Beautiful

Each cooperage across the world assembles their barrels differently. When a barrel is selected for to be recreated in the workshop here in Gorey. Co Wexford.

The barrel may have started its life in Europe or as far away as California.

Each barrel is unique and especially chosen to be repurposed into a beautiful special piece of art.

Come and See for Yourself

Our range is constantly changing and updated, come and visit us today to view our bespoke custom pieces.